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 mirko 2008-12-03 8:00 Ireland what a wondrous imagery! minimalism, mistery, elagance and beauty perfectly collide in your works..Great level of achievements in your darkroom work. Congratulations
 M. A. L. J. 2008-11-27 12:41 Sweden you do such great things with the cam ... I just love ypur pics, there is an amazing story in everyone of them
 Nasser AlHameli 2008-11-17 21:56 United Arab Emarites Perfect edge separation, deep tonality, looks like a Platinum and Palladium prints tuned with Gold chloride to bring that talkative gray colure. Subjects are mysterious and have so many meanings. You have an unusual work.
 Jason 2008-11-06 6:45 Bristol and Belfast UK beautiful work...I used to live near Warmond NL
 Marc 2008-10-16 5:33 Scherpenheuvel - Belgium Beautiful portfolio!
 Arkadius Zagrabski 2008-10-16 13:05 Germany Wonderful gallery. my compliments!
 D. 2008-09-23 19:42 Canada love the minimalism. where are you based out of?
 Vitor Vieira 2008-09-18 4:32 Portugal Good work.
 Kier 2008-09-04 23:13  so amazing!
 Geoff Ault 2008-08-17 14:00 Washington DC, USA Terrific gallery, beautiful work! Will be watching you for sure!
 Kristen 2008-08-15 15:14 USA your photos remind me of my dreams, your gallery is amazing!
 Bea 2008-07-26 8:52 Germany You have a great gallery! I love bw pictures and in your pictures the calm and secret-like feelings!
 Dave 2008-06-24 8:54 USA Great black&white photos, well seen, well done.
 Del 2008-06-21 6:30 USA I love the austerity of your photos. We'll be in Europe next month and I am looking forward to the photos I'll take there.
 Ambika Bhatt 2008-06-11 22:50 Mumbai Loved almost all your work! Very simplistic, elegant and beautiful. Almost like demystifying nature!
 Karin 2008-05-26 17:19 Argentina Great pictures. Great spirit
 Maarja 2008-05-25 2:44 Estonia I'm big fan of your pictures ': ]
 Gbaas 2008-05-14 11:33 Canada your photography is so pure I love it
 Leonardo rIANO 2008-05-11 7:32 USA Great work, perfect black and white pictures, Leo
 Brock Nordstrom 2008-05-06 21:55 America Delicious. I am supposed to be making a report on a photographer. I think I've found them.
 Khalid 2008-05-01 7:13 Jordan Love ur works!so great!
 CanisLupusMoon 2008-04-14 12:58 Germany Absolutely lovely gallery.
 Sebastien 2008-04-13 6:15 France We are waiting for your new works. Looking forward to it!
 Thomas 2008-04-09 21:46 Hilditch Very nice work. I will be viewing with my photo class with others. Good Luck! Tom
 Seaton 2008-03-27 10:57 Texas I love black and white! Seaton http://seaton.deviantart.com
 Xavier Rey 2008-03-23 10:56 Bordeaux, FRANCE Congrats for your great work, Giedrus !! best regards
 Marianna 2008-03-11 20:27 Florida Your photos have such a mysterious and exciting quality, like they're from a dream. Beautiful gallery.
 François 2008-02-27 14:21 France It's Amazing... I Love all of your photos... Again Again
 Robert L. 2008-02-27 11:51 New Jersey, USA You have an absolutely stunning gallery! congratulations!
 Joanna S. 2008-02-20 14:05 Sweden I am so happy to have found your works. Some of the best photos I have seen in last weeks!
 Juraj Kovacik 2008-02-19 12:14 Slovakia Thank you. I'm glad I discovered your portfolio!
 Frescendine 2008-02-13 0:15 Italy You know I really appreciate your works. Congratulations also for the website, simple and essential...
 Vítor Vieira 2008-01-24 12:51 Foros de Salvaterra, Portugal Good work.
 MJ 2007-12-12 23:10 South-Korea I love these photos. simplicity, using of mist. that's impressive.
 Andy Baily 2007-11-14 7:01 England I Love the black and white medium . I am a retired pro photographer.
 Martijn 2007-10-09 3:36 Middelburg Zeer mooie zwart/wit foto's. Mede door de eenvoudigheid van de foto's ogen ze zo ontzettend indrukwekkend: Prachtig!
 Jacques 2007-09-25 5:52 Westcott, UK A very inspirational set of pictures. I love the simplicity of your uncluttered images, and your use of mist.
 Narabia 2007-09-09 10:53 Poland nicely designed webpage. not to mention photos.
 Michael Mercer 2007-08-07 15:48 Edinburgh, Scotland Hello Giedrius, A remarkable collection of photographs you have here. The saying 'less is more' definitely applies here; you have a lovely minimal aesthetic in your images. Keep up the excellent work.
 Renae S.R. 2007-07-26 23:09 Jamaica W.I. Your work is refreshing and inspiring. Keep it up.
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